Artemis I Dispatch!

While I was unable to cap off my Artemis I Kennedy Space Center dispatch video with an epic rocket launch, all was not lost!

We did manage to collect a lot of great content out here about the many systems astronauts, engineers and scientists will be testing as NASA and the European Space Agency ready crewed missions to the moon.

While on site here at the Kennedy Space Center we spoke with Astronaut Shannon Walker, got a close up look at the Orion survival space suits and a new radiation protection system, and spoke with the head of NASA’s science office. That plus a look at the rocket on the pad along with some of the rapid construction taking place at SpaceX’s neighboring launch pad.

Our view of the pad from the NASA Press Site

I will be following this video up with a wrapup about the scrub and the highs and lows of rocket chasing. I’ve chased rockets longer than I’ve been a YouTuber and out of the seven launches I’ve attempted to witness only one went off on time!

And the rocket was not the only thing that had trouble getting from point A to point B. I had to battle an airport closure, a hotel cancellation and a missing rental car at the airport in the middle of the night!

All in this video was literally a labor of love :). I hope you might give it a watch as these typically don’t perform all that well for the amount of effort that goes into it. We also did a livestream the night before the second launch attempt so you can get a feel for what it’s like to be on-site at NASA for a launch!

We’ll be back to more regular tech content this week! I also have another dispatch on the way from my visit to the Retro World Expo right before I left on this adventure. Stay tuned!