Samsung 28″ G70A 4k Gaming Monitor Review

I have been looking for an affordable 4k gaming monitor that could go north of 60hz while also support Nvidia G-Sync. The 28″ Samsung G70A fits the bill for me and you can see more about it in my most recent review here.

You can find one at the best price here (affiliate link).

It can run at up to 144hz and supports both Nvidia Gsync and AMD freesync. In the video we tested it with both a gaming PC with an Nvidia graphics card and an Xbox Series S in its variable frame rate mode. Since the display supports HDMI 2.1 the PS5 should also work but I do not own a PS5 to test.

I was impressed with its raw performance, both in its ability to deliver high frame rate 4k video and its very fast 1ms response rate. Even 8 bit NES games ran with barely a hint of image blur with the lowest input lag I’ve tested so far on a display.

But it’s otherwise a barebones display – something I would expect for the price point. It’s not color accurate for content creation, meeting only 90% of the DCI gamut. At 400 nits it’s not incredibly bright either, but fine for late night gaming sessions. The display does support HDR10 but because its maximum brightness is only 400 nits it gets super dim when HDR modes are enabled. So I’m not going to recommend this for 4k media consumption either.

It does not have speakers on board but does have an audio output for connecting speakers. That’s how I have it configured on my gaming PC right now. But it does have RGB lights where speakers would otherwise be located if that’s your sort of thing.

One thing I learned the hard way during a livestream the other day is that cable choice is super important when pushing 4k video beyond 60hz. So for HDMI connections an HDMI 2.1 rated cable is a necessity while DisplayPort users should look for a 1.4 cable. You may get an image initially out of lesser rated cables but once a game gets booted up you’ll likely see the video drop.