Oraimo USB-C Gan Charger & Power Strip Review

I had the opportunity to test out a couple of affordable chargers from Oraimo in my latest Extra’s Channel review.

These are GAN chargers, known for their compact size yet powerful output. My initial interest was piqued by their competitive pricing, especially when compared to some of the other Gan-based alternatives on the market.

Both chargers I tested have three USB type-C charging ports and one USB type-A port. The power strip model brings with it a short extension cable and two additional AC outlets on either side, making it a handy companion for travel. However, a point to note is that this model is designed for 120-volt outlets, making it suitable for use in the U.S. only. The other charger is compatible with both 120 and 240-volt outlets.

Oraimo claims that each of these devices can output up to 120 watts across their USB ports. In my tests, when a single device was plugged into the USB-C port, it could draw up to 100 watts. However, when a second device was added to the mix, the power distribution changed, with each port delivering a maximum of 60 watts.

The power strip model offers an added advantage with its AC outlets. It can pass through up to 1250 watts, making it suitable for devices like gaming laptops. I tested this feature, and it worked seamlessly.

However, things get a tad more complicated with the third USB-C port. Unlike the first two ports, which can deliver up to 60 watts each when both are in use, the third port maxes out at 30 watts. Power reduction on each of the ports reduces further when three or more devices are attached.

Oraimo has this helpful set of images on their Amazon product page that delineates the distribution combinations:

One other challenge I encountered with the small “wall wart” GAN chargers is their tendency to fall out of outlets due to their weight and density. The Oraimo version here is no exception. This can be particularly problematic when traveling. My solution? Use a small extension cord. This ensures the charger remains securely in place, especially when plugged into older or looser outlets. Oraimo’s power strip version does not have this problem as it has an integrated cord already.

In conclusion, I’ve been quite pleased with the performance of these Oraimo chargers, especially given their price point. They’re efficient and versatile, though it’s important to understand their power distribution nuances especially with high performance computers. If you’re in the market for a reliable charger that won’t break the bank, these might just be worth a look.

Disclosure: Oraimo sent the products free of charge but did not review or approve this before it was uploaded