Recent Short Gadget Picks

I still loathe YouTube Shorts but I am making a few of them on the Gadget Picks channel for smaller gadget finds I come across. Shorts on my Amazon channel do much better than YouTube but I may as well put them in both places! Here’s a few of my latest finds. Each title link will bring you to my Amazon page (affiliate link) where you can see pricing and availability.

USB-C Cable with Power Meter

This USB-C cable is not your ordinary cable; it features a built-in power meter. The cable supports up to 100 Watts and provides information about its mode, such as USB-C PD. A point to note: the meter’s display appears brighter on camera than in reality but still a quick way to monitor the power flow going into your device.

Bamboo Wireless Qi Charger

This USB-C powered bamboo wireless charger is a stylish and functional accessory designed for three devices: a phone, an Apple Watch, and ear pods that support wireless charging. It’s versatile, compatible with various brands, and offers a maximum charging capacity of 15 watts. The only issue I encountered is that the magnet for the watch is a bit too weak.

Bluetooth Number Pad

This Bluetooth number pad not only provides numerical keys but also includes nicely sized arrow keys. It’s a great addition for those who might find certain keys missing from their laptop keyboards. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, it also offers keys for screen brightness control, tab, delete, page up/down, and more.

Amaste Milk Frother

Elevate your coffee game with the Amaste Milk Frother. Designed for easy cleaning, the frother uses a magnet mechanism and boasts three modes: froth without temperature, warm froth, and hot milk. Using skim milk, I achieved a rich frothy output that was quite impressive.

Disclosure: These products came in free of charge through the Amazon Vine program. I had no contact with the manufacturer, no one reviewed or approved this video before uploading, and no other compensation was received.