UPspec Gaming xScreen for Xbox Series S

The Upspec Gaming xScreen is a portable display designed specifically for the Xbox Series S. It attaches to the Xbox’s HDMI port and draws its power from the adjacent USB port on the back of the Xbox. This makes it possible to have the Xbox work completely “off the grid” if connected to a large power bank with an AC inverter. You can see it in action in my latest review including having the entire system running off a battery!

Once installed you lose access to the ethernet port and one of the USB ports. But Wi-Fi continues to function and the Xbox has another USB port on the front. The display also allows for external storage to be connected to the Xbox’s proprietary storage port.

The display quality is impressive. It runs at 1080p at 60Hz, and while it doesn’t support HDR or variable refresh rates, the image quality on the 11.6-inch display is decent and bright especially given the pixel density of this small display vs. a larger one. Colors are well balanced and the IPS display allows for decent viewing angles if you have some friends gathering around. The stereo speakers, although not extraordinary, are sufficiently loud for a portable setting.

The brightness was very good for a USB powered display. While they did not list the specifications it appears to be in the 250 nits range. The input lag was acceptable, making it suitable for gaming. While it’s not as responsive as a gaming monitor or high-end OLED television, it was much better than some of the projectors I’ve tested recently.

In terms of build quality it’s not a perfect. The white plastic does match the color of the Series S, but mine had a slight gap in the plastic on one side where the bezel attaches to the rear display lid. Additionally my display was lacking one of the rubber feet that protects the Xbox when the lid is closed.

One feature I appreciate is the ability to configure the display to turn off the Xbox when closed. However, lifting the display doesn’t automatically turn the Xbox back on; you’ll need to do that manually.

And because the display is powered by the Xbox you only need the single power cord to boot up and play. I was able to run the Xbox / xScreen combination off of my 100Wh Anker Powerhouse power bank. How long your Xbox will run for will vary greatly based on how demanding the game is and how large of a powerbank is used.

While there’s room for improvement in build quality, the display itself is a nice accessory for Xbox Series S gamers looking to take gaming out of the living room. It feels like having a mini Xbox laptop that you can carry around. Just note it is only designed to work with the Series S, not any of the other Xbox consoles.