Review of the Crucial x9 and x10 Pro USB-C SSDs

In my latest video I take a look at Crucial’s newest external solid-state drives: the X9 Pro and the X10 Pro. Unlike their previous drives that traded performance for a low price point, these new drives deliver read and write speeds comparable with premium offerings from Sandisk and Samsung.

While it’s always wise to check current pricing due to fluctuations, my initial observations found these drives to be competitively priced, especially when compared to offerings from giants like Samsung, SanDisk, and WD. In my video link above you can see what the current prices are on Amazon.

Distinguishing between the two models can be a tad confusing. The silver X9 Pro supports USB Type-C Gen 2, boasting a theoretical bandwidth of 10 gigabits per second. The black X10 Pro supports the USB 3.2 2×2 standard, which, in theory, should deliver double the performance of the X9. However, the catch is that most computers currently on the market don’t support this faster interface. This means that unless your computer is equipped with a USB-C 2×2 port, you’re unlikely to notice a significant performance difference between the two drives. USB-C 2×2 is an optional part of the spec and manufacturers are not required to include it.

When tested on a Mac and a Lenovo X1 Nano, the drives showcased similar speeds, with neither computer supporting the 2×2 standard. Yet, the performance was commendable for portable SSDs, making them suitable for recording high-quality video formats. This includes both sequential and random read and write operations.

Both drives are sturdily constructed, lightweight, and made of metal. They come with an IP55 rating, which suggests they can handle being splashed but not immersed in water. The solid-state nature of these drives means they’re devoid of moving parts, making them more resilient to drops and rough handling compared to mechanical drives. Both have an activity indicator light, which blinks when the drive is being accessed.

In terms of gaming, while these drives are compatible with game consoles, newer games designed for the latest consoles like the PS5 or Xbox Series S/X might not support running from USB media. However, older games should run fine.

Crucial also bundles some software trials with the drives, including a month of Adobe Creative Cloud and a special version of Acronis True Image. The latter, though, is limited in its functionality.

These are great performing drives that are every bit as good as competing products from the other big names in the marketplace. Although X10 Pro promises higher speeds, the majority of users won’t be able to realize that faster performance. Save your money unless you know your computer can support the USB-C 2×2 standard.

Disclosure: Crucial provided these drives free of charge to the channel. But they did not review or approve the video before it was posted nor did they provide any financial compensation for the production of the video.