My Next WhatNot Sale Giveaway is November 25 – Win an Atomis Alpha Scooter!

It’s time for another WhatNot Sale and Giveaway! This will be a fun one with a huge giveaway of an Atomi Alpha Electric Scooter (provided free of charge by Atomi), some cost of shipping giveaways of a bunch of items including a laptop and some Lenovo tablets, and I’ll be selling a bunch of stuff too. It all takes place Saturday, November 25th at 2:00 p.m. eastern time.

Here’s the scoop:

1. Sign up for a Whatnot account if you don’t already have one at (affiliate link). Signing up with my link will get you $15 of credit to spend on your first purchase! Be sure to follow me after signing up on my Whatnot profile.

2. If you’d like to participate in the cost of shipping giveaways, be sure to submit your Whatnot profile name on this form so we can load the randomizer ahead of the stream. You do need to be present on the stream in order to win.

3. You can pre-bid on the auction items by visiting the link I set up for the stream here. Note that you need to use the WhatNot mobile app to bid on items ahead of time. You don’t need to be present on the 25th to purchase an item – if your pre-bid is the high bid you’ll be billed automatically when the auction closes on the 25th. A list of items being sold is below – note that I may find some more things ahead of the sale. I’ll notify folks on my store alert email of any additions. Sign up for that list here!

    Here’s a list of items I’ll be selling:

    Zagg Pro Stylus 2
    Backbone Controller (Lightning) along with iPhone 13/14 adapter
    Robo and Kala Windows ARM PC
    Startech Thunderbolt 3 mini dock
    Tablo 4th Gen Tuner (2 tuner model
    Oculus/Meta Quest 2
    Atari 2600+ (review coming tomorrow!)
    xScreen for Xbox Series S
    Xbox One X Console

    If you have any questions shoot me an email at Look forward to seeing you Saturday!