What’s Ahead for Lon.TV in 2024?

I always like to start off the New Year with a look-back on how the prior year did and look at what changes need to be made for the upcoming one! This analysis is the subject of my latest video.

Reflecting on 2023, I’m happy to say that the channel has experienced its usual slow & steady growth despite some significant headwinds from the current economic situation and platform algorithmic changes. We surpassed 350,000 subscribers about a week ago and garnered over 8 million views.

The year 2023 was interesting in many ways. The top videos on my channel ranged from a guide on opting out of a Facebook class action privacy settlement to a personal story about how I reduced my Mom’s cable bill. Unlike prior years topics & analysis drove far more viewer interest than product reviews. The only product reviews that made the top 10 list were devices used for cord cutting.

Diving into the revenue breakdown, it’s been a mix of sources. YouTube and Amazon have been major contributors, supplemented by sponsorships, viewer support, and affiliate marketing. This diversification is crucial in an ever-changing market, ensuring the channel’s sustainability.

Looking ahead to 2024, I plan to shift my focus slightly more towards analysis pieces. These have recently outperformed product reviews in terms of viewer engagement. My goal is to provide more than just news; I want to offer insightful commentary on tech topics that will hopefully add a little more value to the discussion. I’m also exploring the potential of TikTok for longer videos, although the platform’s current lack of monetization options makes it a less attractive option for now.

The upcoming CES show in Las Vegas is a significant event for me. Producer Jake and I plan to cover the event extensively, producing dispatch videos to showcase the latest in tech. We aim to capture the essence of the show by attending pre-show events and exploring the show floor for interesting finds. You can see my prior coverage of this event here.

In summary, 2023 was a year of learning, adapting, and growing. As I look forward to the developments and insights that 2024 will bring, I remain committed to providing valuable, diverse content and adapting to the changing landscape of technology and media consumption. Hopefully we survive another year! 🙂