Does the Snap 4 Luxe Phone Grip Live Up to Its Advertised Claims?

You’ve probably been inundated recently with social media advertisements for the Snap 4 Luxe phone grip – an alternative to the popular pop socket. The device sells for $39 at Best Buy (compensated affiliate link).

The makers of the Snap 4, OhSnap, were exhibiting at CES this year and were giving out free samples to the media. I picked one up at their booth and have been using it attached to my phone for the last week. My latest review sums up my experiences and whether or not the product lives up to the advertised claims.

The Snap 4 promises compatibility with both iPhone and Android devices, even adding MagSafe compatibility to the latter. I tested it on my iPhone 15 Pro Max and an Android Pixel 8 Pro in my review.

The Snap 4 Luxe, priced at around $39, comes in various colors and boasts a sleek design that’s thinner than a standard camera bump. Its most notable feature is the center disc that extends out, allowing you to slip your fingers underneath for a secure grip, much like a pop socket but also allowing the user to slip their fingers through the center of the disc for a more secure grip. Additionally, it also works as a stand for your phone, a handy feature for watching videos. It was surprisingly sturdy and so far it has endured my rigorous daily use without any signs of wear or detachment.

One of the Snap 4 Luxe’s standout features is its magnets. This not only aligns it perfectly on a Magsafe equipped iPhone but also allows the Snap 4 Luxe to attach to metal surfaces. When attached to an Android phone the magnets allow for Apple Magsafe power adapters to work which is a nice bonus. The only complexity is having to manually align the Snap 4 over the Android phone’s charging coil.

The grip’s adhesive, designed to be reusable and residue-free, allowed for easy removal yet hung on tight enough to prevent the grip from falling off. While it’s convenient for easy attachment and removal, frequent reattachments may require regular cleaning to maintain its stickiness. Ohsnap says applying some water and letting it dry will restore the adhesive’s stickiness. I’ve seen similar adhesives in other products and this appears to work in the same way.

The only aspect of the product that did not fully work as advertised is wireless charging on non-Magsafe chargers. Most of my standard Qi chargers had trouble maintaining a connection – this despite claims in the ad that “you can charge straight through it.” In fairness ohSnap’s website does provide a disclaimer about non-magnetic charger compatibility but the social media ad does not.

Overall the Snap 4 Luxe Phone Grip mostly delivers on its promises. It offers a reliable grip, versatile use as a stand, and enhances the functionality of Android phones with MagSafe compatibility. However, its claim of universal wireless charging compatibility falls short, especially for non-MagSafe chargers. Despite this, the Snap 4 Luxe stands as a strong contender in the phone accessory market, especially for users who prioritize convenience and versatility in a sleek package.

Disclosure: ohSnap provided the Snap 4 to the channel free of charge. However they did not sponsor, review or approve the content before it was uploaded. All opinions are my own.