Infrared Remote Extenders Allow Your Remotes to Work Anywhere

Over the last couple of weeks reviewing ATSC 3.0 TV tuners, I encountered a challenge. While creating content, I prefer to have the products on the table with me for a hands-on demonstration while I record or livestream. However, my TV antenna’s location upstairs and my recording setup in the basement made it impossible to control these TV tuners directly during a shoot. I had to narrate and run b-roll which is not my usual workflow.

In my latest video, I checked out an IR extender from BAFX that takes any remote control’s commands and transmits them through a wireless RF signal to another location in the home. I purchased it with my own funds from Amazon.

This device, while not groundbreaking in its concept, offers a simple yet effective solution to my problem.

The BAFX extender kit includes a transmitter and a receiver along with infrared transmitters and receivers that plug into the unit. The setup is straightforward, with no programming needed. Once powered up, the infrared receiver module captures signals from a remote control, which are then transmitted wirelessly to the receiver unit. This unit, in turn, emits the signal through one of its four emitter modules to the intended device.

The extender works with devices controlled by infrared signals, which is perfect for my TV tuners. However, it is not compatible with devices that use Bluetooth for their remote controls.

In practice, the BAFX extender performed exactly as I hoped. I set up the receiving unit upstairs with one of the emitters attached to a TV tuner. Despite the physical barriers of my home, the remote control functioned as if the tuner was right beside me in the basement. Every button worked seamlessly, demonstrating the extender’s capability to transmit any remote signal effectively.

The range varies between 50 to 300 feet, depending on the construction materials of the building. In my case, with mostly sheetrock walls and wooden floors, the distance of approximately 50 to 75 feet was bridged without any issues.

However, it’s worth noting that these extenders all operate on the same frequency and they don’t discriminate about what signals the transmitters repeat to the receiving units. So if you had multiple kits throughout the home with the same brand of electronics in separate rooms, a single button push would operate all of the same brand devices. For those scenarios a more robust solution would be necessary.

The BAFX Wireless Infrared Extender has been a practical solution to my specific need, allowing me to conduct reviews and demonstrations with the original remotes of the products in real-time as I produce my content. Its simplicity, ease of setup, and effectiveness in solving my problem without the need for complex programming or additional equipment make it a valuable tool in my workflow for these products.