My Latest Temu Haul Looks at $85 Worth of Cheap Gadgets

For some reason online schlock house continues to ask me to check out their gadget offerings despite the less than stellar experiences we’ve had in previous videos. My latest haul, consisting of about $85 worth of stuff, found some useful devices but many fall into the “penny wise and pound foolish” category.

You can see it all here. All the links below are affiliate links.

First on my list was a foldable Bluetooth keyboard, priced at $18.70, that caught my eye with its promise of combining convenience and technology. Despite its potential, the reality fell short. The keyboard’s uneven keys and awkward layout disrupted what could have been a smooth typing experience.

My attention then shifted to a mini gaming keyboard for $9.52, hoping for redemption. Though it wasn’t the mechanical marvel I had hoped for, its backlit keys and adequate typing feel offered a silver lining. The backlight was a bit dim but some of the colors were bright enough to illuminate the key caps. Overall this one wasn’t bad for its super low price.

The M1 wired gaming mouse, at $10.79, was next. Surprisingly, it felt right at home under my palm, navigating with precision unexpected at this price point. However, its touted macro capabilities were a no-show, but that’s likely for the best given it probably requires some sketchy software.

Next up was a $14 multifunction vacuum cleaner. Its lackluster performance and unappealing aesthetics served as a reminder that not all that glitters is gold, especially in the realm of budget electronics. But it could suck and blow at the same time, so that’s something.

In my quest to make the most of my budget, I encountered a series of quirky and seemingly arbitrary additions. A $2 USB hub shaped like a banana, and a set of $4 light-up ice cubes were amusing yet underscored the hit-or-miss nature of shopping at Temu.

Also in the mix was a 512 megabyte SD card for $2 and change that was initially mislabeled as having 512GB of capacity. Another was what appeared to be a useful $4 USB hub with integrated card reader that turned out to only run at USB 2.0 speeds – despite its blue colored ports.

The haul concluded on a higher note with a $16.49 DVD/CD burner that doubled as a USB hub and card reader. Despite its outdated USB 2.0 interface, it redeemed some of my earlier disappointments by functioning as promised for CDs and DVDs.

Shopping at Temu requires tempered expectations that sometimes leads to the occasional pleasant surprise. If you shop smart you might end up with something useful.

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Disclaimer: Temu provided me with an $85 budget to pick out an assortment of gadgets from their shop. They provided no additional compensation nor did they review or approve this video before it was uploaded.