A Great MiSTer News Source

There is A LOT going on with MiSTer these days – so much so that I hope to do an update video about some of the things that I’m most excited about soon. A Sega 32X core has been added, a Playstation 1 core is close to completion, and the holy grail (for me) – the Apple IIgs – is in the works too! 

RetroRGB is a great source for following the progress of the project. A contributor to the site, Lu’s Retro Source, is posting regular update videos of all that’s new and exciting in the MiSTer project. You can find Lu’s channel here

Check out my prior MiSTer content here. Bob from RetroRGB and I have done two panel discussions of this at Retro World Expo that you can also find in the playlist. 

Ariel School Documentary Trailer

One of the most compelling UFO stories in the 2020 documentary “The Phenomenon” involved a 1994 incident at the Ariel School in Zimbabwe. There students claim to have seen a UFO and its occupants after the craft landed next to their playground. A new documentary by Randall Nickerson will focus entirely on this story, visiting the former students on how this incident impacted their lives. Definitely check out the Phenomenon if you haven’t seen it already, I talk more about this incident in this Weekly Wrapup video.

Qualcomm M1 Competitor Delayed to 2023

Qualcomm’s M1 Competitor Delayed

PC World has a great scoop on the status of Qualcomm’s M1 competitor. The company says it won’t be shipping the new chip until late 2023 – putting ARM based Windows PCs further behind Apple’s Macs. The big question is how farther along will Apple be by then?

I covered the performance disparities between Windows ARM and Apple’s M1 about ten months ago.

Apple’s M1 has been on the market for almost two years now. Even their high performance variants are running off the same architecture. Apple’s updated M2 chips are rumored to be released in new Macs later this year.

AVGN on Why Contra is One of the Best Games Ever

I still remember the day I bought Contra 35 (yikes!) years ago. It is one of my favorite games of all time. AVGN did a great analysis of what made this game so great : it was tough but fair.

Back in the day I managed to get to the last level until word of mouth about the “Konami code” made it to my school. I still remember the thrill of reaching the winter level on my first continue.

While so many games we thought were great don’t hold up today this one actually gets better with age.

Welcome Earthlings!

Alien artifacts found on Mars. But the aliens in this case are earthlings! The Mars Rover Perseverance encountered the back shell and parachute it used to descend to the surface of the red planet. And its helicopter took an aerial photo.