Hallmark Dreamcast Ornament Review

Hallmark, known for its detailed and collectible Christmas ornaments, has released a Sega Dreamcast ornament, and it’s a fun little replica that captures the essence of the original console.

This now joins the Sega Genesis version I bought last year and the NES one that I reviewed last week.

The ornament itself is a faithful recreation of the Dreamcast console, complete with a non-removable controller and a visual memory unit (VMU). It’s impressive how Hallmark has managed to encapsulate the details of the Dreamcast, right down to what looks like a Rumble adapter along with the 56k modem port.

Installing the three included button cell batteries brings the ornament to life. With a press of the little power button you’ll be greeted with the familiar music from Sonic Adventure, along with the power light and the backlit VMU illuminating. This is similar to what the other Hallmark ornaments do.

The ornament isn’t without its flaws, though. My piece came with a small blemish on the left-hand side, and overall this one doesn’t feel quite as nice as the NES and Genesis versions.

For those considering adding this Dreamcast ornament to their collection, it’s a fun piece that captures the spirit of the console and the season in which many of us were gifted a Dreamcast as younger humans.

Hallmark Keepsake NES Ornament Review

I am not a Christmas ornament collector, but I find myself continually drawn to purchasing these keepsake ornaments from Hallmark, especially when they tap into the nostalgia of my Gen X roots. Recently, Hallmark reissued one of their popular ornaments: the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). You can see it in action here in my latest review.

Upon unboxing the ornament, I noticed the attention to detail that Hallmark has put into replicating the NES console. I have previously acquired the Sega Genesis and Dreamcast ornaments, and this NES one will fit in very nicely with the others. The ornament comes with pen batteries for sound and light, and the hook for hanging it is placed on the controllers, which are fixed to the top of the console.

The ornament is a striking resemblance to the real Nintendo console. It includes a non-removeable Super Mario Brothers cartridge inside, complete with a working door. The power button works and will illuminate the LED power light and play some sounds from the original Super Mario Bros. The reset button is just for show. The back of the ornament features all the ports in their correct places, making it a very accurate representation of the retro console.

The quantities of these ornaments are usually limited, so it’s wise to pick one up before they sell out. This NES ornament has quickly become one of my favorites in my collection.