Mevo Go Tutorial

Our sponsored tutorial series on the Mevo production system continues with a look at a new feature that requires no Mevo camera at all! This is through their new “Mevo Pro” subscription tier that allows for using smartphones as cameras. You can see how it works in my latest video.

The Mevo Go app is available on Android and iOS effectively turning any smartphone or tablet into a production camera. These apps connect up to the Mevo Multicam app that handles camera switching, graphics, and live streaming. I covered how that app works in my prior videos in this series.

In addition to using the phone’s camera, Mevo Go also allows for screen casting from the mobile device. In the video I demonstrated combining the screencasting feature with multicam’s picture-in-picture capabilities to demonstrate a phone screen alongside live video coming from a Mevo or Mevo Go camera.

Multicam is available for iOS and Android devices. I’ve been running it on a 2018 iPad Pro 11 (the first gen version) and it’s been able to handle everything I’ve thrown at it. It’s pretty impressive how an older iPad like this can handle live video production!

While there is a subscription cost associated with the Mevo Pro tier, the annual $149 cost is far less than purchasing multiple Mevo cameras. They have a free two week full feature trial available for ensuring all of your existing equipment will work with the platform before having to pay.

I want to thank Logitech (the owners of Mevo) for their support of the channel!

Mevo Multicam Demonstration with my Kids!

We wrapped up my sponsored series on the Mevo multicam app this week. It’s really amazing when you think about all of this mostly running out of an iPad with the camera feeds coming in over Wi-Fi.

In this last piece we put all of the pieces together from our prior videos and showed how it all works in a real production environment. My kids hosted a fake cooking show while I ran the production from a 2018 iPad Pro. I had three Mevo cameras capturing different angles.

In this piece you’ll see multi camera switching, picture-in-picture and graphical overlays being brought in as we go. You can catch up on the prior videos in the series by clicking here.

I want to thank Logitech and Mevo for their support of the channel!