Plex Dash 2.0 Adds More Server Configuration Options (sponsored post)

In my latest monthly sponsored Plex video, I explore the latest update of Plex Dash, an app that allows users to manage their Plex server from a smartphone. This update brings a bunch of new features, enhancing the app’s functionality and user experience. The app is free and available to those who have a Plex Pass subscription.

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Plex Dash, available on both iPhone and Android, initially served as a monitoring tool for Plex servers. The update, however, extends its capabilities to server administration, previously only accessible via a web browser. This development is particularly beneficial for those who need to manage their servers remotely.

As before you can monitor servers in real time to see what media is currently being played back and what kinds of transcoding processes are taking place. This new version of the app expands some of these metrics to include tasks the server might be doing in the background along with enhanced charts to monitor CPU, RAM and network performance.

Plex Dash has also expanded its library administration capabilities. Users can now adjust library settings directly from the app. Server settings can also be adjusted through Plex Dash, with most options from the web interface now available in the app. However, settings for remote access still require the web interface.

A notable new feature is the ability to browse server logs in real-time and download them for later review. This functionality is particularly useful for troubleshooting and monitoring server activities.

While the update significantly enhances Plex Dash’s capabilities, there is still room for improvement. For instance, the ability to edit metadata directly from the app is currently limited to just changing thumbnails. Expanding this feature to include full metadata editing would be a valuable addition for users who manage extensive libraries.

The updated Plex Dash app is a robust tool for managing Plex servers on the go. Its enhanced features bring a level of convenience and efficiency, especially for users who frequently need to administer their servers remotely. As the app continues to evolve, it will likely become an even more indispensable tool for Plex server administrators.

Disclosure: This video was part of my monthly sponsorship from Plex. However they did not review or approve the video before it was uploaded.