Wyze Battery Cam Pro is useless right now without a subscription..

Wyze has introduced an upgrade to its outdoor battery powered security notification camera. This one is called the “Battery Cam Pro” and unlike is predecessor will operate without the need for a hub. You can see my unboxing short here on Amazon.

One of the things I like best about the new design is that it works with a removable battery. So you don’t need to bring the entire camera inside to charge it. The battery also has a USB-C port built in so no additional charger is required. Wyze also sells extra batteries so you can always have a charged one ready to go.

Unfortunately this new Wyze cam has all of the limitations of their other current models when it comes to using the device without an ongoing subscription. This is something we covered recently on the channel.

Without paying for a Wyze subscription the only thing the Battery Cam Pro will provide is a still image of what happened to set it off and access to a live feed that allows for two way communications.

While the camera does have an SD card slot Wyze has not yet implemented support for it. Wyze says SD card recording of motion events will come in September and that’s when I’ll review it. Until then the product is not yet complete – especially for people who don’t want an ongoing cost of ownership.