The Week Ahead

I used to dread Mondays back when I was working a regular job but now I kind of look forward to them. There’s always something I look forward to working on even if it’s a mundane tech product or topic.

Here’s what is preliminarily on the docket for this week. If you are receiving this as part of my digest email hit the reply button and tell me what you’d most like to see first. If you’re not the list sign up via the link or on the left hand side of the screen!

  1. This week’s Weekly Wrapup will be about my HAM radio license exam and some of the things that make amateur radio very different from the Internet when it comes to what you can say and do.
  2. A review of the HoverBar Duo iPad stand. They call it the duo because it can either clamp to something or sit on its base. But it’s a nightmare to work with. This video is already done and just waiting for a slot on the YouTube channel. You can watch it on Amazon right now.
  3. A look at DJI’s new wireless microphone kit. I like easy-to-use production gear so I’m eager to play with it. Although I don’t think anything can top my amazing Sennheiser AVX mics.
  4. Unihertz has a new phone on Kickstarter called the Titan Slim that merges a full size screen with a Blackberry style keyboard. I don’t usually cover Kickstarters but Unihertz has a great track record of making modern phones for people that can’t give up their physical keyboards. They also make some really cool super tiny phones.
  5. HP has a Thunderbolt dock that appears to be a bit different from other Thunderbolt docks we’ve looked at. Supposedly it has some security features that other docks don’t. I need to dig into this a little bit so it might not pop up until next week.
  6. It’s also time for a MiSTer update! Lots of cool new cores worth talking about like the 32x and Playstation cores.

Of course my week is subject to change based on what comes in. Sometimes a shiny object might appear and that’ll take me off course :).