Streaming a Graduation Ceremony

Yesterday I spent the day at my local high school assisting the student TV network with their graduation stream and recording. We had perfect weather for the outdoor ceremony. This year the local cable access television station brought over their Tricaster and simulcasted to their cable station too. It was fun to get all of this stuff working together. We had a mix of SDI cameras and NDI sources. 

Each year we experiment with new gear to up the production value. The school recently purchased a few of these Hollyland Cosmo wireless transmitters (affiliate link) for football games and I was surprised by how well they worked. Even across a soccer field with hundreds of people seated in between it maintained a strong signal throughout. 

I am donating a laptop to the school for Vmix use and we’re going to be building out a portable production setup. I’ll do a video on how we plan to set that up in the near future so stay tuned!