New Video: Using Fiber Optic Patch Cables & NICs vs. RJ45 Ethernet

My latest video was initially going to be something for the Extra’s channel but when I put it together it was clear it would do well on the main channel. You all love networking!

Last year I upgraded my network to a 10 gigabit backbone. This was to support the Comcast Gigabit Pro service I had installed at my house which at the time ran at 2 gigabits per second symmetrical but has now been upgraded to 6. The only problem was that me the cheapskate installed only Cat 5e wiring in the studio and throughout my home.

The good news is that I’ve found my 5e runs are relatively short and can support multigigabit speeds reliably. The only problem I’ve had so far is with my main Vmix production machine that on rare occasions errors out and locks up my entire network when I’m pushing large volumes of data in or out of it. I initially thought it was a problem with NDI video and my Unifi switches but it also recently triggered itself when I was running an Internet speed test.

I am not known for my cable management or wiring skills but the run to my production machine is very short to my equipment closet and there’s also a drop ceiling. This made it really easy to wire up a new connection. Rather than stay on copper I instead ran a short fiber run and purchased a new networking card with an SFP+ connector vs. RJ45.

It was a very simple installation and so far (knock on wood) everything is working great.

The problem could have been due to the inexpensive non-Intel based 10 gig NIC I was using but I didn’t want to bother troubleshooting more ethernet solutions when I am not using the recommended cabling.

You can see the parts I used in the video here!