New Weekly Wrapup Experiment

I am continuing my experiments with the Weekly Wrapup transition. The goal of this show has always been to interact directly with subscribers as so much of my content is focused on attracting search traffic. I also feel it’s important to verbally acknowledge those who support the channel. You can watch it here.

What I’m experimenting with is recapping the prior week and previewing the week ahead. Along with that preview solicitating feedback on what viewers want to see in the videos I plan to produce is part of the mission.

Last week I did the preview portion as a YouTube short. So far the new Wrapup and the short are running about neck-and-neck as far as views are concerned but there’s far less interaction on the Short. Also of note is that the much shorter wrapup is doing about as well as my average views on a longer one! But so far it’s not where I want it to be.

Next week I’m going to try and make it even shorter and focus more on the week ahead. If I don’t see improvement I’ll scrap it altogether and we’ll come up with some other way of acknowledging new supporters.

Stay tuned!