The Week Ahead

This week’s Weekly Wrapup experiment is a morning posting of the video to have it coincide with this email. We’ll see how it does vs. the usual evening posting.

The big event this week is the two day Amazon Prime Day event which starts tomorrow! It’ll be similar to prior years where there are scheduled deals along with sales running throughout.

I usually own a lot of the stuff that goes on sale so I’ll be doing a bunch of livestreams throughout tomorrow. Be sure to follow me on Amazon!

Also this week we’ll have a review of the Acer Chromebook 514 with a Mediatek ARM processor, an Acer gaming laptop (the Helios 300), a followup on my CableCARD video, and a look at a wireless microphone system from Hollyland. The Acer review is already live on Amazon and I’ll have unboxings of the other two later today up there too.

As I posted the other day I preordered the new M2 Macbook and that might be showing up by the end of the week. We’ll definitely live stream it when it arrives.

One other thing that I’m going to be doing are some fun livestream gadget sales and giveaways on WhatNot. These will consist of items that I received for free here on the channel that will be sold for just the cost of shipping, along with other stuff I am trying to get rid of. I’ll have more information on WhatNot and how to sign up coming in a future email.

More than likely we’ll go back to an evening Wrapup schedule after this week as I have a few reviews to get up ASAP ahead of Prime Day. I may target Sunday night for next week’s video.