New Video : Plex Multiple Editions!

If it was not already plainly obvious I’m a huge fan of Star Wars. My favorite films have been poked and prodded over the decades with the most significant update to them taking place in 1997 when Lucasfilm re-released the original trilogy with some controversial updates.

In my physical collection I have a number of editions of the movie: the original “A New Hope” VHS rental release, three editions on laserdisc including two box sets, two different DVD releases, a Blu Ray edition and more recently the 4k Blu Ray release. Sometimes I feel like I’ve single handily funded George Lucas’ retirement.

In my physical collection it’s very easy to differentiate all of these different editions on my shelf. But up until now in Plex you can only have one edition per database listing. If you had multiple files it would blob them up together as a single unit with common meta data.

Enter the new Plex Pass “multiple editions” feature. This allows you to set up distinct database entries for each edition of a film, allowing you to treat each version as its own thing complete with its own metadata, thumbnails, etc. Using the collections feature you can bundle them all up to keep them together but separate.

To enable multiple editions all you need to do is change the file name! See more in my latest Plex video here.