Do You Need a Plex Pass?

While you can do a lot with a Plex server on their free tier, many of the features we cover in my sponsored Plex series require having a Plex Pass (affiliate link).

This month’s sponsored Plex video takes a look at most of the features a Plex Pass brings you so that you can decide whether or not you need one. Plex maintains a full list on their support pages, but it’s always helpful to see how these features work in video form to get a good look at it.

For me the biggest feature is hardware transcoding. This allows you to efficiently stream high bitrate media at lower bitrates suitable for streaming over cellular connections. Plex’s support for hardware transcoding makes this process a seamless one that starts up immediately with minimal processing load.

But there are a bunch of other features too like downloads for offline viewing, DVR functionality with a TV tuner, a cool music player called Plexamp and more.

Learn more in the video!