Mevo Multicam App Tutorial

My latest video is a new sponsored tutorial series I’m doing for Logitech, the owners of the Mevo streaming camera brand.

As a lifelong video nerd I’m always on the look-out for new and interesting video production tools.

Back in 2016 a little camera called the Mevo hit the market. I reviewed it back then and liked it because it was able to digitally crop and zoom the image to make it look a lot more dynamic than just a static shot. It could even automatically “switch” to the person talking with a medium close up.

Additionally the camera was able to livestream to popular platforms without the need for a PC. All that was needed was a smartphone and it could all work wirelessly thanks to the built in battery on the Mevo camera. I gave it to some friends who run a local news site and were able to add a whole new angle to their news coverage. It is a solid product for people who want more than a static shot but also simplicity.

Just before the pandemic hit Mevo came up with a new camera called the Mevo Start. It added a larger battery and integrated some additional features including the ability to have the camera output via NDI to the network.

One other feature of the Mevo line is to combine multiple cameras into a single production using their Multicam app. Like the single camera version it doesn’t require a PC and can run on a phone or tablet which can then stream it out to a provider and record at the same time.

This first video in the series will go from unboxing to livestream in about 20 minutes! We’ll dive into specific features in future videos in the series. See it here!