The Week Ahead

Another week is upon us!

We had a great cost of shipping giveaway and gadget sale livestream on Saturday afternoon! I spent most of yesterday resetting stuff and packing things up. Due to the Columbus Day holiday here in the USA items will be shipped tomorrow. Be sure to subscribe to my Store Alert email to be notified for when we do the next one! I’m already finding more stuff to sell and give away.

I am actually two videos ahead coming into Monday which is always a good thing. Tonight’s video will be a review of the Lenovo Thinkpad Z13 Gen 1 (affiliate link), a “concept car” of what future Thinkpads might look like. This one already made it into my recent video on USB 4 but in the review we’ll take a look at the rest of the system.

Later in the week we’ll be look at an Orico USB 4 SSD drive that delivers full 40gbps performance on USB 4 and Thunderbolt equipped laptops. You can see the review now on Amazon.

In a few hours I’ll be doing a livestream unboxing and setting up the Nreal Air AR/video glasses. These are supposedly pretty decent and create a private large screen for playing back video (or playing games) from mobile devices and PCs.

Tomorrow I am planning at least two livestreams because it’s Amazon’s big fall Prime Day sale. I’ll be focusing on items that I have on hand that are on sale answering your questions. You can see me live on my Amazon page – I’m planning to start around noonish eastern time and likely will do the second one around 3 or 4 p.m.

Wednesday I’ll be taking a quick trip to NYC for another Pepcom mini trade show. There will be several dozen tech companies there showing off some of their products slated for holiday releases so I hope to have a dispatch video for you on that by Thursday.

After that I hope to get caught up on some other product reviews. Busy week ahead!