Pepper Jobs XtendTouch XT1610F V3 Review

We’ve looked at a few products from Pepper Jobs over the years and all of them have been the excellent. They make the best versions of relatively generic electronics you might find on Amazon like mini PCs, remote controls, and portable displays. They do cost a little more than the generics but in exchange the products are of a higher quality and often come pack with more features.

The XtendTouch XT1610F V3 is no exception. On the surface it looks like a run-of-the-mill portable display but its feature set is extensive. For example:

  • It works with a Nintendo Switch without the need for a dock. Although it will not work with the Switch Lite that lacks a video output.
  • It emulates an Apple Magic Trackpad when an Apple machine is connected to it, adding some cool touch functionality.
  • It also works as a touchscreen with Windows and some Linux devices like the Steam Deck
  • It has a full size HDMI port for devices that don’t support USB-C video output along with a battery that can power the display for several hours

You can see all of these different scenarios in the review video:

Because it’s powered by a battery I found it was a bit brighter than some of the USB bus powered displays we’ve looked at previously. While it’s limited to 1080p at 60 hz I did find that its functionality more than made up for its lack of higher resolutions and frame rates.

You can see some other examples of other Pepper Jobs products here.