What’s in my Production Bag?

I’ve done more traveling in the last three months than in the last three years!

I’ve taken you along with me for most of the trips in my dispatch video series. These trips included two Pepcom tech events in New York City, Retro World Expo in Hartford, CT and my dispatches from the launch of Artemis I! And of course we’ll be at CES this year looking for new and interesting tech.

Because I’m generally attending these trips by myself I have to optimize my workflow and the gear I take in order to quickly turn around my content. The bag the stuff goes in has been the same since I started these trips in 2015 but the gear is always changing!

In my latest video I take you “inside the bag” to show you all of the tech that I use for my dispatch reports. This includes cameras, audio gear, my laptop and more. Check it out!

I was livestreaming this on Amazon while I recorded it. If you’d like to see how the proverbial sausage gets made you can watch that here!