Another CES is in the Books!

Producer Jake and I went out to Las Vegas this week to cover the annual CES show. This year’s spectacle was a little more than just another CES as it was the first “back to normal” show since the pandemic began.

We managed to put together three dispatches from the event along with a bonus fourth episode publishing Monday or Tuesday from a Lenovo product preview I attended. You can see them all here or individually: Dispatch 1, Dispatch 2 & Dispatch 3.

As a two person operation we are at a significant competitive disadvantage covering a show this large. So we do what we can and try to put ourselves in places where we can find a good amount of interesting stuff without having to waste too much time in transit or wandering around.

My dispatch format is something I settled on after years of visiting CES and other similar events around the globe. Viewers like the fast paced format and we try to get as much shot in a single take as possible to avoid having to do a lot of editing.

What we look for are products that are things that people can actually buy vs. the prototypes and concepts that are also on display throughout the show. Trends are cool but I am more interested on what these companies can actually deliver.

In year’s past we used to spend a day or two wandering the show floor looking for stuff but this year we were a little more strategic about it. So we actually got more done this time but spent less time at the show. My hope for future years is to find another sponsor or two who can help fund a stringer to look for things while we’re out reporting.

I’ll likely do a wrap-up video encapsulating my thoughts on this year’s show. Stay tuned!