Airmoto Portable Air Compressor Review

I always like to check out gadgets that are heavily advertised on Facebook. My latest acquisition is this portable air compressor called the Airmoto that was heavily promoted on my feed. You can find it here on Amazon (compensated affiliate link).

As smart devices go it doesn’t overdo the intelligence. You set a maximum PSI, turn it on, and it will turn itself off when it hits the desired amount of air pressure. There are a few different categories of things to inflate and it’ll remember settings for each category. There’s no phone app to control it or any kind of privacy stealing service to sign up for which is kind of refreshing!

The compressor is noisy and slow but I found its battery was sufficient to add about 8-10 PSI to all four of my car’s tires. It has a USB-C port on board but it will not charge on a USB-C PD charger like you might use for your laptop or smartphone. It will need to be plugged into a standard USB-A 1 or 2 amp 5 volt charger.

The built in pressure meter can measure in half PSI increments. It’s not entirely accurate and I found that you may need to set your desired goal pressure slightly higher to hit the mark. In addition to PSI it will measure in BAR & KG/CM squared.

The unit comes with a short hose (which is a bit too short for car tires IMHO) along with a Presta adapter, a pool float inflater, and a needle for balls.

Overall I found the Airmoto to work as advertised. It runs at about the same speed as less expensive DC powered air compressors but you gain the advantage of portability here with its own built in power source and compact size and weight.