A Tour of Startup Fiber Optic ISP GoNetSpeed in Connecticut

The other day I posted a video about the emerging ISP choices we have here in Connecticut for Internet service. One of the companies I talked about was a scrappy startup called GoNetSpeed that is building out a neighborhood at a time throughout my home state.

I’ve always wanted to go “behind the scenes” of an ISP to see how everything works. The other ISPs serving the state declined my request but GoNetSpeed agreed! Check out the tour in my latest video.

This video provides a comprehensive tour of GoNetSpeed’s facilities and their network design, giving you an in-depth look at how they’re competing with legacy carriers. Throughout the tour, you’ll see the journey of the fiber connection, starting from a customer’s home and extending all the way back to the central office point of presence.

The inside of a fiber optic splice box

What struck me is just how much capacity a tiny strand of fiber optic cable has. It was also refreshing to hear how many times my tour guide, COO Tom Perrone, talked about how important customer satisfaction is to the company. That’s not something you hear from the legacy carriers!