Walmart Onn Google TV Review

The Walmart Onn (compensated affiliate link) is a 4k Streaming Box from Walmart running Google TV that sells for $20. You can see my full review here.

The Onn Google TV is running the same OS as Google’s Chromecast 4k, but at half the price of Google version. The only downside with the Walmart offering is that it does not support Dolby Vision HDR and in my testing didn’t seem to work with ATMOS audio either. So for those looking for Dolby Vision & ATMOS I suggest going to the Google device or the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k Max.

But for the price there’s not much to complain about here. Performance is adequate and the Onn supports most if not all of the popular streaming apps. I had no issues with 4k playback from YouTube, Disney+ and Netflix. This version adds support for the AV1 codec which was lacking in the prior version of the Walmart device. The remote features voice control and some useful shortcut buttons. Walmart even packs an HDMI cable in the box!

As expected the Onn is missing features enthusiasts might be looking for. Like many Android / Google TV devices it does not properly switch most apps into 24p mode when playing 24 frames per second content. It also lacks support for lossless audio codecs Plex Pro users are looking for. Additionally, I encountered some issues with games not displaying properly and game streaming apps dropping their connection to servers. But on the plus side it does support AC4 audio passthrough for ATSC 3 broadcasts.

Surprisingly it does offer some additional connectivity options through its single micro USB port. My Smays Ethernet hub that delivers power, ethernet and additional USB ports worked great. But the USB port is only USB 2.0 so the built in AC Wi-Fi might actually be faster than an ethernet connection.

At $20 this box brings a lot of value for most consumers. If you have an older 720/1080 or 4k set that is lacking smarts the Onn Google TV will immediately boost your television’s intelligence level without breaking the bank.