Amazon Tech Haul!

I was recently invited back into the Amazon Vine program where I have access to a lot of interesting gadgets from lesser known brands. I’ve been posting a few of the more promising ones as shorts or mini-reviews on my Gadget Picks channel.

As you all know I am constantly experimenting with content on the main channel and figured an Amazon haul video might be a fun one to do, similar to the ones we did with some Temu junk. So here it is!

In the video we look at everything from a magsafe charger/speaker phone to a really cool touch screen for a Raspberry Pi. Not everything was a winner but the products all at least worked this time – unlike our prior two Temu hauls.

And wow does the algorithm like delivering haul videos to you:

Given the popularity of this one I think I’ll keep doing these on a regular basis. Especially as the Vine program has almost an endless supply of this stuff.

These videos are also great multi-format opportunities. I was live streaming on my Amazon page while I recorded the segments for this YouTube video. And I will also break each segment into individual reviews for Amazon’s “Shoppable Videos” program. If you follow me on my Amazon page you’ll get notified when I go live!

Stay tuned!

Disclosure: these products came in free of charge through the Amazon Vine program. I had no contact with the manufacturer, no one reviewed or approved this video before uploading, and no other compensation was received.