Lots of New Tech From My Latest NYC Dispatch!

On Thursday I hopped on the train to New York City for the latest Pepcom tech showcase event. I love going to these because they are media-only events that have several dozen tech companies in one place making it very easy to collect a whole lot of content in a very short period of time.

You can see some of the more interesting things I found in my latest dispatch video!

In the video you’ll see about 16 different things that cover a wide gamut of the consumer electronics space. Everything from arts and crafts devices to finger sensing table saws! I also spent some time talking to the folks behind the emerging ATSC 3 standard to relay the concerns that we all have with their DRM encryption. I’ll have more on that in an upcoming ATSC 3 update video.

At CES there’s always a “Mega Pepcom” that has several hundred companies set up like this. It’s one of my favorite events as it gets us access to many big brands all in one spot!

You can check out all of my prior dispatch reports from the field here. In addition to these trade show events I have ISP tours, rocket launches, and a whole lot more!