Plex Tutorial: Maximizing Free Tier Features (sponsored post)

Our sponsor Plex has me do a tutorial video each month usually focusing on a specific Plex Pro self-hosted feature. This month’s tutorial focuses on more general users who are discovering the free Plex hosted media features.

Plex users encounter a variety of Plex-hosted content options, including live and on-demand TV shows and movies. The live TV feature presents a diverse range of channels, from popular shows to specific genres like reality TV, news, or crime. Users can also customize their experience by adding preferred channels to their favorites, allowing for quicker access to desired content.

For on-demand viewing, Plex offers a constantly updated selection of movies and shows. This feature is complemented by Plex’s ability to provide in-depth information about films, such as cast details, reviews, supplementary content and similar titles.

This level of detail extends to the integration of Plex’s database with other streaming services, enabling users to search for content across their subscriptions seamlessly.

Where Plex goes beyond other free streaming services is their Watchlist feature. This tool functions as a to-do list for entertainment, keeping track of shows and movies across most major providers. Users can mark episodes as watched, maintaining a record of their viewing progress.

This watch list is synchronized across devices, ensuring continuity regardless of the viewing medium. It can also be filtered to display only what’s available on services the user is subscribed to. I’ve also found it useful when a friend recommends a new TV show – I can add it to my Watchlist right from my phone.

Plex recently introduced social features through its Discover Together feature, allowing users to share their watch history and recommendations with friends. Discover Together is an “opt-out” feature – so users should pay close attention when onboarding as to what information they want to have shared with others. These settings can be adjusted later too.

Plex is not just another streaming service. It’s also an organizational tool that brings together all aspects of digital entertainment, simplifying and enhancing media consumption. See more detail in the video!

Disclosure: This post and and video was a paid sponsorship from Plex, however they did not review or approve this content before it was uploaded.