Amazon Gadget Haul #6! Hits and Misses

In my latest Amazon gadget haul, I explored a variety of lesser known tech products to see which ones (if any) stood out.

  • Wavlink Thunderbolt NVMe Hard Drive Enclosure: Unfortunately, this product had a lot of potential but simply did not work. Despite trying multiple drives and configurations, it couldn’t be made to work on any device, so I suggest skipping this one.
  • Budget-Friendly 4K 60fps Video Capture Card: Although it claimed high performance at a low price, it dropped a significant number of frames when capturing at 4k60. This makes it unsuitable for professional use, but it might suffice for non-critical applications where frame drops are less concerning.
  • CZUR Touchboard Pro Keyboard: Despite its promising design, it fell short in build quality and usability. The keyboard’s plastic feel and imprecise trackpad made it less appealing compared to other portable keyboards.
  • Minix Wireless HDMI Video Dongles: These dongles can transmit 1080p HDMI video wirelessly, making them handy for presentations or extending displays without cables. There was some noticeable latency, but they worked well for non-gaming applications.
  • Minix GaN 67 Watt Power Strip: Featuring multiple USB-C ports and AC outlets, this compact charger can handle multiple devices simultaneously, making it a decent travel companion. I compared it to another favorite charger of mine from Oraimo, which offers more power and has become my go-to for travel. Unfortunately the Oraimo one is not currently available.
  • Suideck 10-Device USB Charger: This is ideal for environments like schools or YouTube production lairs where many devices need charging or topping off. While not the fastest charger, its ability to handle multiple devices overnight makes it practical for many use cases.
  • Carplay / Android Audio Portable Vehicle Display: For those needing CarPlay or Android Auto in their vehicles, this compact display was easy to transport and set up, offering a functional solution for rental cars or older vehicles without built-in support for these features.
  • RGB Mousepad with Built-in Qi Charger: While it added a cool aesthetic with its lighting options, the uneven application of the Qi charging area detracted from its overall quality.
  • Two Apple Chargers : There are lots of low cost Apple magsafe chargers on Amazon. I found two that cover the Apple trifecta, charging a magsafe equipped iPhone, watch, and Airpods wirelessly. One is great for nightstands while the other folds up neatly for travel.

Overall, this haul had a mix of hits and misses. While not all the products met expectations some were pretty useful. I’ll be back with another one of these soon!