Short WhatNot Mini PC Auction Wednesday, June 12th

I will be hosting a short live Mini PC auction this Wednesday, June 12th at 12:30 p.m. eastern time on WhatNot! Four mini PCs will be listed at $1 starts and you do not need to be present to get the winning bid. If you don’t already have a WhatNot account, click here to get $15 off your first order (affiliate link).  

You can find the auction on Whatnot by clicking here. If you are using their mobile app you can pre-bid ahead of the auction. If your pre-bid remains the high bid you’ll win it. I have also posted the current retail prices of these Mini PCs. Here’s what will be available:

Beelink SER7 Ryzen Mini PC
Minix NEO Z100-0db Mini PC
Kamrui Mini PC
GMKTec M5 Mini PC (affiliate link)

There will also be a few giveaway items for those tuning in. 

I’m going to do shorter but more frequent shows rolling forward each based on a specific type of product vertical (e.g. mini PCs, video production, etc). Weekend shows will be a little longer with more items when I have time. 

As always there are other items available at my store too for immediate purchase. I just added a Blue Sona microphone and HP Sprocket Select printer.