Today’s Links

Amazon is launching an invite-based ordering option, starting with the PS5 and Xbox Series X – Techcrunch

Musk Threatens to Walk Away from Twitter Deal – AP

Sega Has Considered Dreamcast & Saturn Mini But Is Worried About Extreme Costs – Nintendolife

‘No Man’s Sky’ is Coming to iPad in Addition to Mac Later this Year – Touch Arcade

Links for Today

Ring announces new features, raises its basic subscription price for the first time since 2017 – TechCrunch

iPadOS 16 preview: Rumored features could bring Mac-like capabilities to the tablet – Macworld

New bookstore owners discover secret subterranean room with tunnel down the street – Boing Boing

Mariah Carey Sued For “All I Want For Christmas Is You” By Louisiana Country Songwriter – Deadline

Today’s Links

Code execution 0-day in Windows has been under active exploit for 7 weeks – Ars Technica

John Deere Still Sucks On ‘Right To Repair,’ Despite Years Of Promises – Techdirt

Coffee Drinking Linked to Lower Risk of Dying, New Study Finds – The New York Times

OpenSea executive used NFTs for insider trading, prosecutors allege – The Washington Post

Physicists just rewrote a foundational rule for nuclear fusion reactors that could unleash twice the power |

The Steam Deck’s Docking Station has been delayed indefinitely – PC Gamer

Today’s Links

MiSTer FPGA News & Updates – Super GameBoy, CD32, Commodore 128 & More – RetroRGB

New ‘GoodWill’ Ransomware Forces Victims to Donate Money and Clothes to the Poor – Hacker News

Some top 100,000 websites collect everything you type—before you hit submit – ARS Technica

How Apple, Google, and Microsoft will kill passwords and phishing in one stroke – ARS Technica

Browser in the Browser (BITB) Phishing Technique – Infinite Logins (YouTube)

Links for Today

Metal Jesus’ Map of Seattle Area Retro Game Stores – Google Maps / Metal Jesus

AYA Neo Air Plus is a $289 gaming handheld with an AMD Mendocino processor – Liliputing

Steam Deck Parts and Repair Guides – iFixit

After 30 years, the world can now play the lost Marble Madness IIArs Technica

1st look: NASA visitor complex to open ‘Gateway’ to future of space travel –

Tom Cruise’s Top Gun Maverick’ Opens to $124 Million at Box Office – Variety

Today’s Links

Broadcom to Acquire VMware in $61 Billion Enterprise Computing Deal – NY Times

‘Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey’ Director Teases Slasher Film Plot: ‘Pooh and Piglet Go on a Rampage’ (Winnie the Pooh is now in the public domain) – Variety

Today’s Links

NASA, Boeing Complete Starliner Uncrewed Flight Test to Space Station – NASA

Smashing Pumpkins’ 1988 Appearance on a Public Access TV Show – YouTube

Streaming Was The Star Of This Year’s Upfronts – AdExchanger

The inside story of Chernobyl during the Russian occupation – The Economist

Links for Today

Communicating with orbiting amateur radio satellites with a handheld! –

Why have aliens never visited Earth? Scientists have a disturbing answer –

Star Wars designer behind the Death Star and X-wing dies aged 90 – Sky News

Links for Today

Miami’s mayor backed MiamiCoin crypto—then its price dropped 95% – Quartz

ColecoVision ADAM comes to MiSTer! – Github

Starliner makes first docking with ISS on OFT-2 mission – NASA Spaceflight

Scientists discover an ancient forest inside a giant sinkhole in China – NPR

America’s Deadliest Train Is Getting Even Faster, Going Farther – Jalopnik

California Developed Stick-On License Plates, No Bumper Drilling Required – Motor Trend

Today’s Links

This computer ran for 6 months powered by nothing but algae – BGR

Verizon Raises Administrative Fees for Consumers, Adds New Fee for Business Lines – CNET

Former NASA leaders praise Boeing’s willingness to risk commercial crew – Ars Technica

Unreal Tournament over 70cm Amateur Radio Band – Signals Everywhere

‘A Skull and Bones-type vibe’: Spy agencies grapple with how much to share at UFO hearing – POLITICO

Zoom is worth less than it was before the pandemic – Quartz

Elon Musk says he might try to renegotiate $44B Twitter deal for less – Washington Post