Update on my Artemis I Coverage

I am heading back from Florida following the scrub of the Artemis I launch attempt yesterday. I have a crazy travel story about all of the obstacles that were in the way getting down here which I’ll talk about on the next wrap up video :).

While there is an opportunity to try again on Friday the fact that NASA really doesn’t know what caused the engine issue leads me to think they’ll take some more time to troubleshoot. This issue involved one of the changes they made to the rocket engines powering the core stage.

The weather is also an issue – in fact the weather would have likely impacted yesterday’s attempt even if everything was working perfectly. The ocean water is quite warm this time of year so storms frequently pop up as they did at the press site yesterday around launch time.

If they do try a Friday attempt I will attempt to get back down but my money’s going to be on October.

Even though we didn’t get a launch the trip was still productive. NASA set up a media opportunity at the Kennedy Space Center and I was able to get some great interviews with scientists, engineers and an astronaut working on the mission. I also reconnected with a bunch of my content creator friends in the space community who I haven’t seen in quite some time.

I will be holding uploading what I recorded until I get a sense of the launch schedule. I’d love to have a launch be the end cap of the video :).

The shot above is a captured frame from my camera’s view of the launch pad from the NASA press site. Even though the rocket is three miles away it’s so big that the view we get is spectacular. Just imagine strapping some rockets onto the Statute of Liberty to get a sense of its size.