Razer Specs on New Edge Handheld Incorrect

We saw the new Razer Edge at CES earlier this month. You can see it in Dispatch 3 at the 7:57 mark. Like the Logitech G Cloud Android gaming handheld we looked at recently they are gearing this towards game streaming, however the Snapdragon processor inside has some decent horsepower according to its specs.

But it looks like Razer messed up in communicating those specs to users. Today I received an email updating me on the status of my pre-order – apparently Wi-Fi versions of the Edge have 6 GB of RAM whereas their 5G version has 8. Initially Razer said both versions had 8GB of RAM:

Is this a big deal? Probably not.. I don’t think there’s any Android game that requires more than 6GB of RAM but this might limit some of the multitasking possible on the unit if a demanding game or app is running in the background.

My Wi-Fi version should arrive sometime in the next two weeks so we’ll find out for sure. Stay tuned! I’ll likely do a livestream when it arrives.