New Video: Review of Frontier’s New Fiber Optic Service in Connecticut

Frontier’s new fiber optic service in Connecticut is rolling out quite aggressively. My father recently got it in his neighborhood and installed it at his place giving me an opportunity to do a full review!

So far it’s working as advertised – but it’s also apparent that even though gigabit speeds are coming to more and more households peering arrangements and other technical factors limit how much practical bandwidth is available for many tasks.

One of the “real world” activities I tested was uploading a video to YouTube. On my 6 gigabit connection here at the house the best I get is about 400 megabits per second – and that’s exactly what I got on the 500 megabit plan my Dad has.

This is why I suggest most families opt for the entry level plan. In most cases there’s not much of a need for more bandwidth as it’s usually impossible to make use of the fat pipe available on fiber optic plans.

Frontier is not known for having the best network or infrastructure. We’ll likely dive into their history and recent bankruptcy in a future video. Stay tuned!