The Week Ahead

After two and a half weeks of back and forth travel I am finally back in one place for a little bit! In addition to the NASA trip I went to NYC for the Lenovo event and took a family vacation to Nantucket. I do have another trip to NYC in two weeks but beyond that I am going to try and get caught up on my huge backlog of tech reviews!

The NASA trip was fun and productive but sadly there wasn’t much of an audience for the dispatch video from the Kennedy Space Center. A launch would have helped the video’s performance of course. Oddly the livestream I did from there did better. But these are the sorts of things I enjoy doing and I’ll keep doing them until I figure out how I can connect space content to a general audience. If you haven’t watched definitely check it out – we had some great interviews!

It’s actually kind of a bummer that my last couple of dispatch videos have performed so poorly. I really like getting out of the house every once and awhile!

This is a shorter week as today is Labor Day here in the USA and I’m going to take a little breather for at least a portion of the day. But I have three videos ready to go: a review for retro gaming fans of the 3DO FZ1-ODE, a review of a well rounded USB-C portable dock/hub, and another fun dispatch video from my visit to Retro World Expo! That video will have some interviews with RetroRGB, EposVox and the creator of the NESMaker !

I have a huge backlog of laptops to review from Dell, HP and Lenovo! So I’ll be working through that pile but also looking at that ARM based Mini PC, testing out the new version of Parallels for the Mac that simplifies ARM Windows 11, some new pro level external SSDs from WD and a lot more.

Stay tuned!