Plex Watchlist Feature Update

My last video of 2022 is my monthly sponsored video for Plex! This month I’m revisiting the watchlist feature that we first looked at a few months ago. You can watch it here.

Watchlist is like a “to-do list” of the content that you want to watch, both on your local Plex server but also on other services. Plex will constantly monitor content offerings on other platforms and let you know where your favorite shows and movies can be seen.

What’s changed is that Watchlist now has its own position on the Plex sidebar (before it was integrated into the Discover feature). Another welcome change is that Watchlist will now keep track of individual episodes watched in a television series – before it would mark the entire show as watched even if a single episode was marked seen.

In the video I also show you some useful tips and tricks for searching for content and adding it to the list along with filtering options to help narrow down your choices.

This all works similar to Justwatch and Reelgood that we covered last year but the difference here is that it’s all tightly integrated into your Plex media library. You can even publish an RSS feed of your watchlist to integrate into other applications!

I have many hours of Plex content available on my channel that you can find on this playlist.