Gadget Pick: Mic Stick for DJI & RODE Mics

I recently came across a stick mic adapter designed for microphones like the DJI Mic system. While these mics are typically clip-ons, this adapter allows you to transform them into a stick mic, perfect for on-the-street interviews. You can see my full review on Amazon here.

The mic stick is made of plastic, and while it’s lightweight, I did wish it felt a bit more rugged. It comes with a windscreen and has a mounting point for the mic. The adapter can be held in your hand or mounted to other devices with a tripod mount on the side and bottom.

The DJI mic attaches to the adapter quite securely. The windscreen, however, doesn’t fit the microphone perfectly, but with a bit of adjustment, it can be made to work.

I conducted a quick audio test with the windscreen on and off. The sound quality was about the same in either configuration, but I did notice that the stick picks up sounds when you run your fingers across it. It’s best to hold it firmly to minimize any noise.

One thing to note is that the DJI mics are omnidirectional, meaning they pick up sound from all directions. So, if you’re in a noisy environment, this might not be the ideal solution. However, for quick interviews on the go, it does the job quite well and lets you use a single microphone solution regardless for both studio and run-and-gun field work.