Hallmark Keepsake NES Zelda Cartridge Mini Review

As someone who has never been particularly drawn to Christmas ornaments, I found myself intrigued by Hallmark’s Keepsake ornaments, especially those that resonate with my passion for retro video games. The latest addition to my collection is the NES Zelda cartridge ornament, which not only appeals to my gaming nostalgia but also stands out for its solid metal construction. Check out my short review here.

The ornament is a diecast metal version of the original Nintendo Zelda cartridge, known for its distinctive gold color—a vivid memory from when I first purchased it years ago. It’s much heavier than expected, requiring a sturdy branch for display.

What sets this Zelda ornament apart from others in my collection, like the Sega Genesis, Nintendo Entertainment System, and Dreamcast, is the absence of electronics. Unlike its counterparts that play sounds from their respective games, this ornament is purely a visual representation. It’s a smaller yet faithful reproduction of the original cartridge’s appearance.

Upon a closer look, the ornament does require a bit of polishing, possibly due to some condensation build-up, a natural occurrence given its metallic nature and my current cold environment. Its design is very close to the original cartridge that was released in 1987 in North America. You can see the two side-by-side in the video.