Whoosh 2.0 Screen Cleaner Review

For some reason my computer screens get FILTHY.. This is likely because I often do a lot of work in my kitchen in the morning and evenings.

Over the years I’ve tried a bunch of different cleaning solutions, including some I made myself and others I’ve purchased. They usually work with a little elbow grease but I found most take awhile to get the screens to the point where they look clean without streaks. And with fancier coated screens you need to be careful about the kinds of chemicals you apply for homebrew concoctions.

The other night after getting frustrated with my current solution I went browsing on Amazon and stumbled across “Whoosh 2.0.” They claim their solution is used at Apple stores to keep displays clean so I figured I’d buy a bottle and see if it lives up to the marketing.

As you’ll see in my review the stuff really does the job. Not only did it get my screens clean it did so without too much effort or reapplication. My worst screen took only two applications to get it back to “almost new” condition. It also did a good job getting some caked on dirt off the aluminum on my Macbook.

It only takes two or three pumps of the bottle to clean most laptop screens so I anticipate the bottle lasting awhile. They sell refill kits that mix with distilled water to reduce waste.