Plex Updates Search (sponsored post)

In my latest sponsored Plex video, I explore the latest updates to Plex’s search feature, changes that significantly enhance the user experience for those navigating through their extensive media libraries. You can watch the video here!

The primary change in Plex’s search functionality the ability to customize what is being searched. Users can now filter their searches to specific servers, excluding content from other sources if desired. For example, a search for “Ghostbusters” will yield results from the user’s server, Plex’s on-demand features, and external sources. However, with the new search filters, users can narrow down these results to display only the movies available on their server if they choose.

Another notable improvement is the ability to search for content based on specific actors. Typing an actor’s name, like Mark Hamill, brings up a detailed list of their work available in the user’s media libraries and on Plex if desired. This feature extends to genre searches as well, allowing users to explore categories like sci-fi across their own libraries and Plex’s on-demand offerings.

Plex has also integrated the watchlist feature into search, which allows users to add content right from the search results. Additionally, because Plex now indexes content from various other services, users can also search and add content to the watchlist that’s on streaming services they may be subscribed to.

The search settings are remembered on each client, meaning if a user sets their preferences on one device, these preferences will be retained the next time they log into Plex on that device. These new search features are now live on the web along with TV and mobile apps.