Exploring Inexpensive Generic AirTag Alternatives

Apple’s AirTag tracker has turned into a major hit due to its low cost (for an Apple product anyway) and the fact that it can operate for months accurately reporting its position without needing a monthly fee or a nightly battery recharge.

In my latest video I take a look at some licensed generic alternatives to Apple’s AirTag that work mostly the same way but can sometimes be found for half the price.

These low cost tags can be found on Amazon by searching for “Find My” trackers. Here’s an Amazon idea list of a few that I featured in my review (affiliate link).

Most of the trackers you’ll encounter are similar in form factor to Apple’s offering, although many come with an accessory like a keyring, dog collar, etc. for less than what you’d pay for an Apple AirTag and accessory combined. Additional savings can be had by seeking out bulk packs of these trackers that are also available on site.

There’s other form factors available too. One device in my video is the same size and shape as a stack of three credit cards and is designed to track the location of your wallet. Another called the Pincard is completely sealed and weatherproof but can recharge using any Qi wireless charger.

While these third party devices share many features with Apple’s AirTag, including utilizing the Find My network for tracking, they lack the Ultra-Wideband technology present on the official device. This means the precision in locating the devices, especially in the critical last few feet, isn’t as refined. Despite this, the presence of audible alerts on most third-party trackers somewhat mitigates this limitation.

None of these products rival the quality of Apple’s offering but they all seem to perform quite well. If you have a number of things to keep track of you can dramatically grow the size of your tracked item list while saving some money in the process.

Disclaimer: the tags in the video came in free of charge through the Amazon Vine program. This video was not sponsored nor did anyone approve or review the video before it was uploaded.